Recruitment Procedure

For costumer and client satisfaction, HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC. undertakes the following activities:

A. Information Dissemination

HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC. pools its needed workforce mainly through 4 channels:
1. Print Ads – Newspapers
2. Special Recruitment Activities and Job Fairs in various parts of the country
3. Internet search engine/Online application
4. Walk-in applicants/referrals

B. Briefing and Orientation

HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC. extensively discuss each and every step procedures to prospective applicants by group, prior to acceptance of their applications or personal interviews by the employer or principal, in order to avoid confusion and ensure that they are briefed on the foreign principal’s profile. They are provided the knowledge of the country of destination’s basic laws and labor policies. This is to ensure also of their submission of needed and correct documents.

C. Health Examinations

Every applicant is subjected to rigorous, complete medical examination through accredited clinic to ensure that they are physically as well psychologically fit to qualify for overseas employment.

D. Training and Trade Tests

Trade testing facilities are fully equipped and staff by suitably qualified personnel for efficient and competent evaluation.

E. Documentation

HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC. assures its foreign principal authenticity and validity of the applicants, document such as employment certificates, personal records, diplomas, identification card, school transcript of records,
passport and security clearances. All documents are handled according to the existing government laws for legality. This includes areas of processing and facilitation of travel clearances or documents

F. Processing

HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC.’s efficient workforce and it’s problem free with the POEA and other countries’ embassies ensure fast processing of applicants’ documents. All necessary documents are collected and required in the shortest possible times to meet the foreign principal’s expected deployment date on time or most of the time even earlier.

Once the candidate has been selected by the employer, we will request for his formal Job Offer

Once we received the formal Job Offer and candidate has accepted the offer, we will let him to sign it and request him to submit / complete his travel documents and send him for medical.

Time table for the processing is varying from 7 to 30 working days depends on the completion of documents and medical examination. Please see below
– Medical & MMR Vaccination (3 – 30 days)
– Passport / NBI (10 – 15 days) if such is not available
– Visa Stamping at Embassy (2 – 3 days)
– POEA Processing (OEC / Exit Clearance) (1 – 10 days)… depends on available Job Order

Once we stamped the visa for the candidate, we will request the employer to making the booking accordingly.

G. Pre-Departure Briefing Seminars

HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC. provides behavioral guidelines and basic foreign words translation in Booklets to help the applicants adjust to their new working environment as well as with their employers. They are prepared psychologically to avoid unexpected terminations due to miscommunication and mistakes. Instructions on how to check in at the airport, baggage handling and immigration procedures are well discussed, aside from those discussed by the government-required Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar conducted by NonGovernment Organizations.

We maintain an open line of communication with workers and foreign principals to promote harmonious relationships with them and attend to their concerns which will affect their performance

Our Criteria for deploying personnel:

– High-skilled, extensively trained and an expert on chosen area of specialization
– Committed to the task at hand, professional all-throughout and honest
– Medically, psychologically and emotionally capable of the task and challenges
– Outstanding performance and recommendation from previous employers certified to have all legal requirements completed

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