Foreign Principals

The following requirements must be furnished HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC. to facilitate the accreditation of a foreign principal with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), Department of Labor and Employment of the Republic of the Philippines, who supervises and administers the recruitment of the Philippine Labor.

1. Authenticated Special Power of Attorney in favor of HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC.
2. Authenticated Manpower / Job Order Request Letter from foreign principal containing information on the categories, number of workers required and salary rates per month.
3. Standard Employment Contract or Master Employment Contract.
4. Recruitment Agreement between HOLY CROSS PLACEMENT AGENCY INC. and the Principal / Employer.
5. Photocopy of Commercial / Business Registration of Foreign Principal, with translation into English.

IMPORTANT: All the foregoing documents need to be authenticated by Philippine Overseas Labor Officials (POLO) in the nearest Embassy

Holy Cross Placement Agency Inc. has principals/employers in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia which are already accredited with the POEA. We are almost reaching another Recruitment Agreement with principals/employers in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore.

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